We have always moved machinery, with the same passion, with the same commitment, with the conviction that doing a job well done is different from doing it because “working is a duty”.

Over the years, this philosophy has led us to invest in increasingly specific equipment, increasingly geared towards solving all the technical problems that moving machinery entails.

The services we offer are multiple and aimed at carrying out all kinds of work related to the handling of machinery, from lifting to road transport, from assembly-disassembly to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.


The founder of the company was Bettella Marino, who already in the 1950s saw the birth of his passion for the transport and heavy goods sector. Already at the time he carried out the “first transports” equipped with a horse and cart to bring in Piazza della Frutta in Padua, fruit and vegetables from the family garden for sale managed by his wife. Later, relatives and neighbors also benefited from this “service”, which helped to increase his work, while Marino was already studying to get his license, certain that he would be able to buy his first heavy vehicle. So it was that he succeeded in founding the company in 1956 then called “M.Bettella” with the collaboration later of the first employees.

Turning to trade fairs abroad, Sign. Bettella in Germany immediately fell in love with the first innovative vehicles with hydraulic cranes used that load lumber and take it downstream. In Italy they were still not for sale and cost as much as a truck at the time! So it was that with great sacrifice and determination, he decided to be a pioneer of crane transport in our country and was the first in the 1960s, with many criticisms that risked buying such a revolutionary vehicle for those times.


From there on he began the development of a transport sector with vehicles equipped with cranes dedicated to industrial machinery, which saw the employees of Bettella M. srl collaborate with the mechanics assigned to the assembly and disassembly operations to arrive at a service “keys in but no”. In the 2000s, continuing in this light to develop more and more the “turnkey” service, especially for the printed paper sector, in agreement with German clients such as MAN DRUK MACHINE and KBA, we set up mechanical and electrical assembly teams and electronic trained by the builders themselves.

Thanks to this, the company has been able to operate and currently operates as a “contract manager” for the transfer of industrial plants and company removals, such as for example. the relocation of a new press to print “Il Gazzettino” from Preston (England) to Mestre Venice.

The owners have continued the development of the company by revolutionizing services over time, based on market demands, currently offering differentiated services for the entire industrial sector.



Over the years technology has made great strides, machinery has become increasingly complex and delicate, ever larger and heavier, more and more EXPENSIVE …

For this reason the company has developed in the following years in line with the new laws on safety at work and respect for the environment, two concepts of primary importance for Us that we work every day in environments with many problems.

We are inside warehouses every day, for this reason the only equipment with internal combustion engine that we use are trucks, everything else is electrically propelled and we are investing in a new electric crane prototype designed together with the JMG manufacturer.

The future sees business development increasingly geared towards services to large industries for complex industrial transfers and assembly of work lines that require the expertise we have grown over the years, even working in a network with other companies.

Furthermore, thanks to new investments, we aim to develop the machinery logistics service better, which we have already partially activated for some years in our company spaces in the province of Padua, where we are planning the construction of the new headquarters.