We transport heavy loads in Italy and abroad by means of vehicles equipped with cranes, trailers, semi-trailers and ribs of various kinds, in particular industrial machinery, plant and equipment.

We also transport work vehicles and boats in or out of shape in exceptional transport.

We have a network of close and trustworthy collaborators, equipped with various types of pivots for particular high distance routes, in Italy and abroad.

With over 60 years of experience we carry out transport services of bulky goods.

Exceptional transport service for every need, with availability and experience in the sector, large fleet of vehicles with permanent permits and lowered trailers.

Exceptional transport with technical support and permanent permits.

The exceptional transport service is performed throughout Italy for goods and artifacts that exceed weight and size with adequate means and experienced and efficient drivers to deal with complex and particular interventions.

Our best customers are ours best business card!

Request Info or technical inspection

Our technicians will carry out a detailed technical inspection to evaluate the type of machinery to be handled, the working environment and all the details that may require special equipment.

2 Info lines r.a.

+39 049 687723

+39 049 685465

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