Our technical and project office, offers the experience and expertise in the sector to better plan movements, exceptional transport and relocation of industrial plants.
We internally manage permits and technical stocks for oversized transport.

We plan the movements of industrial plants by organizing loads and activities of the various teams employed day by day, to optimize times and facilitate the operation of the plants.


Our technical and project office offers the experience and expertise in the sector to better plan important movements, particular lifts, exceptional transports but above all complete industrial relocations.

The technical study is entrusted to personnel who have a lot of experience in the field and can evaluate resolutions to the various operational problems, leaving nothing to chance!
The technical staff performs detailed inspections to evaluate the necessary equipment and study the routes and feasibility of the operations.

We are able to projetc equipment to solve problems related to the lifting and handling of particular pieces, avoiding to dismantle all the machinery (where possible) or to open the roof of the sheds, as often happens, thus speeding up the work.

“Turnkey” relocations

We offer a complete service for “Turnkey Relocations”, collaborating with industry partners to meet all needs and allow you to move warehouse completely, from machines to office.

Submit your problem to us and we would be honored to advise you on the best solution!

Moving an entire company structure is a process that must be carefully managed down to the last detail, knowing how to move is fundamental!

Thanks to our mechanics, workers, technicians and our equipment we provide to move all your machinery and company material to restart productivity in a short and precise time.

Request Info or technical inspection

Our technicians will carry out a detailed technical inspection to evaluate the type of machinery to be handled, the working environment and all the details that may require special equipment.

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