POSITIONING POWER GROUP of “MITICA” in the international project to light the “Sun” on Earth.



Installation “MITICA’s High Voltage Deck”, produced by Siemens, the ion source power supply equipment produced by OCEM PE.
Bettella Cav. Marino srl collaborated in the installation of the “MITICA” control room for the production of ion beams for the experimental fusion reactor under construction in France, called ITER. The reactor is part of the international project that aims to replicate the fusion that takes place in the Sun to obtain a virtually inexhaustible source of energy, safe and environmentally friendly.


Consorzio RFX Legnaro,Veneto, Italy


  • Track with crane
  • Platform
  • Forklift truck
  • Iron structure specially designed for hooking up transformers with a crane


In this work the difficulty has not been the part of the lifting of the feeding unit, an operation almost routine for its characteristics, as much as the delicate positioning and the workplace, from the point of view of the engineers and scientists who are working on the project.

All the operations were planned in a series of meetings with the group’s international managers in order not to overlook any detail, as the operations had to be conducted with very high safety standards, given the particular and extremely delicate work environment inside the plant that must contain the plant.

Our collaborators built an iron structure to be added to the crane arm to hook up the transformers and place them directly in the designated place without touching any other component of the cabin and the floor, remaining below the measure of the height of the opening of the power plant.

This power plant must then be “cleaned” of any residual dust and other particles of materials, to become a “neutral” environment, before the plant is switched on.

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